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New 2nd edition deficiency book launched

K+S UK & Eire Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of the ever-popular pocket guide to nutrient deficiency in crops. The 88 page water-resistant full colour guide covers basic advice of preventing and treating deficiencies of both macro- and micro-nutrients in a wide range of temperate crops. The second edition includes some additional new photographs and has an extended introductory section.

For a limited period while promotional stocks last, this guide is available FREE OF CHARGE (normally £10) to genuine UK farmers and advisors (proof of qualification may be required).

Please call 0800 0322480 to order your free copy or find deficiency symptoms at our parent website

Nutrient wheel launched at Cereals 2011

K+S UK & Eire Ltd are delighted to be in attendance on stand I951 at Cereals 2011 at Boothby Graffoe, Lincoln. The event is being used to launch a newly developed field calculator which uses the new recommendations from the latest edition of RB209 and for the first time, includes recommendations for magnesium which is now known to be crucial for both crop yield and quality. The weatherproof wheel takes target yield, soil fertility and applied manures into account and gives an accurate recommendation for P, K and Mg based on the very latest official recommendations.

Technical Manager – Jerry McHoul says “The wheel will be invaluable for farmers, agronomists and anyone involved with nutrient planning on-farm and is available FREE of charge by completing a voucher which will be appearing in the press prior to the event”.

Also available will be copies of the ‘pocket guide to nutrient deficiency’ and a team of international agronomists will be on-hand to advise on getting the very best from crops with improved crop nutrition. A nutrient deficiency clinic will be on display with real growing crops exhibiting major and micro nutrient deficiencies with professional advice available on how best to treat and prevent such problems.

A four year research program focussed on evaluating Magnesium responses in arable crops in the UK has this year come to a conclusion.

Conclusion of Magnesium fertiliser trials in the UK

Results of a new research program with Magnesium fertilisers
A four year research program focussed on evaluating Magnesium responses in arable crops in the UK has this year come to a conclusion. Technical Manager for K+S UK & Eire Jerry McHoul explained the aims of the work "There has been precious little quality field work done in recent decades on crop responses to Magnesium. The idea therefore was to generate some quality replicated response data in modern crop cultivars and to compare the main sources of Magnesium fertilisers available to farmers".

In 2004, independent research firm Armstrong-Fisher were contacted to conduct a series of replicated field trials at a range of locations throughout the UK selected to represent the major commercial growing regions and a range of soil types.

Highly profitable yield responses to Magnesium applications with advantages in the form of ESTA Kieserite
The results collated from over 14 trials were very consistent year on year. Dr Mike Armstrong from Armstrong-Fisher commented “We are now in a position where we can make some robust judgements from the findings, with a mean response to 400 kg/ha ESTA Kieserite in both potatoes and sugar beet of 3.3 t/ha, the benefit of applying adequate Magnesium is clear. Large differences between fertiliser materials were observed with the mean response from Calcined Magnesite (Mg Oxide) just 0.7t/ha and 0.9 t/ha in potatoes and sugar beet respectively”.

Jerry McHoul added "The results whilst surprisingly consistent were not altogether a surprise, Kieserite is naturally occurring Magnesium Sulphate and in this form, the Mg is water soluble and therefore available for crop uptake. In Calcined Magnesite and Hydroxide, the Mg is insoluble in water and therefore requires lengthy acidification to release Mg to plants".

Responses to Kieserite at some index 0 sites were approaching 5t/ha which represents a return on investment of over 500% in potatoes.

Jerry McHoul stressed that the full reports have been made available to the committee responsible for the long-awaited new edition of the book of DEFRA fertiliser recommendations, currently known as RB 209 and hoped to see more detailed guidance on Magnesium recommendations as a result of this work.

For more information, please call the technical helpline on Freephone 0800 0322480.


DAX Company makes global changes

As of the 1st January 2009 POTASH LIMITED will trade under the new name of K+S UK & Eire Ltd. bringing subsidiaries names into a similar format.

This is one of a series of name changes that are being made throughout the world rebranding the subsidiaries of K+S AG, the group holding company, which recently became the first fertiliser business to be listed on the DAX index in Germany, the top 30 companies trading on this stock exchange.

Managing Director – Dr Kristian Orlovius comments "Despite recent market pressures we will continue to offer alternative, cost effective fertiliser products to help farmers achieve maximum returns. This is a name change only and will not affect the high level of service or the quality products our customers are used to receiving from us."

POTASH LIMITED has spent the last 3 years promoting new brands and improving the awareness of existing fertiliser products such as Muriate of Potash, Korn-Kali®, ESTA Kieserite® and EpsoTop® to UK and Irish agriculture. They are also promoters of very pure and natural mineral salts for industrial, food and pharmaceutical uses.

Sales Manager – Richard Pinner added “we are currently undergoing some exciting changes to our website which should go live on 1st January 2009 coinciding with the new name. The new web address will be and our email addresses will follow this format. All other contact details remain unchanged.”